Hypnotherapy is a state in which your focus of attention is within yourself, rather than on the things or people around you. You are pleasantly aware of your own being and content with who you are. In that relaxed state you can achieve much more than is possible otherwise. The advanced forms of hypnosis that are used do not require you to go into a deep trance-like state for an extended period; rather, much of the work is done eyes open. You are always aware and in control.

An experienced hypnotherapist guides you into harnessing your own inner resources to help you find solutions to issues that you may be finding difficult to handle. Long-standing problems can be resolved and fears and worries can be effectively dealt with. Stress levels are reduced and your self-esteem can be raised to a level where you can cope more effectively with the people and tasks that you need to engage with in life.

Hypnotherapy can help with situations in which you find yourself not performing at your best, such as taking a driving test or an examination, making a presentation at work, or with a job interview.

Sleeping difficulties and nightmares often respond well to this kind of therapy, leading to deeper, more satisfying sleep at night and more energy during the day.

Confidence can be increased enabling you to effectively cope with those things in your life you have to do, but feel that you cannot. This can make such a difference.

Fears, anxieties and panic attacks can be helped by allowing you to see the problem in a new and different way, a way that removes the negative energy that has been associated with it, allowing you to regard it in just the same way that you look at so many other issues in your life. For example it can help with fear of: flying; confined spaces; open spaces; crowded places; tunnels; heights. It can help you become free.

When guilt is troubling there are ways of quietening the mind. Then by moving into an accepting state, you can move on in life with clear thoughts and a settled heart.

If you feel that your life is out of control then you can be helped to clarify where you want to go, what you want to achieve and to find the means to achieve it. Seeing one clear goal and feeling that at last you have the ability to achieve it can be such a relief.

People who find themselves behaving in ways that create problems for themselves or for others can be helped to change, so that they can lead a fuller and more satisfying life.

Those whose outlook on life is heavy, dark and negative can be helped to lift their spirits and see a brighter and more positive future. Smiling is encouraged!

Traumas from childhood or problems brought about by accidents or other unpleasant events can be resolved by giving you the strength to see them in a new light, one that is more positive and helpful. Then you can learn from the event and move on to a better life, no longer hindered by the past.

When it is appropriate, other methods may be used in conjunction with hypnotherapy to create an even more powerful healing environment. For example NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) may be used to help you overcome your problems faster and more effectively.

If you wish, you can learn self-hypnosis so that you can help yourself should the need arise in the future.